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Medicare Supplements    

Medicare Supplements, frequently referred to as Medigap, help to cover what original Medicare does not.  Original Medicare (Parts A and B) has gaps that include annual deductibles, coinsurance and copays.  Generally speaking, Original Medicare covers 80% of in-patient hospital services and 80% of out-patient physician services.  Purchasing a supplement plan will help close the “gap” left by Original Medicare.

Florida has three basic supplement plans:

  1. F Plan Supplements for those aging in before 2020
  2. G Plan Supplement available for all Medicare recipients
  3. N Plan Supplement available for all Medicare recipients

Our setup here in Florida is much different from most other states.  This can be confusing when researching Medicare for the first time.  Both the core plan and supplement F, G, and N plans may offer the desired benefits enrollees are seeking as they enroll in Medicare.

(Schedule a FREE consultation today to discuss these plans further in detail that fits your desired needs and budget.)

When researching Medicare Supplements, it’s important to understand what these plans do not cover. Medicare Supplements inFlorida do not provide prescription drug coverage, also known as part D.  We HIGHLY recommend enrolling in a drug plan at the same time a beneficiary enrolls in a Medicare supplement plan.  This will help control drug costs by providing comprehensive coverage, and prevent any future penalties. Yes, there is a penalty if you do not aquire a drug plan.

Many plans do offer other ancillary benefits like fitness reimbursement and group discount affiliation programs. Call for a private, needs analysis to see which plan suites you best.


Florida Supplement plans

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