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Advantage Plans    

Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare health plans that are offered by private insurance companies to Medicare beneficiaries. These Medicare Advantage plans are also referred to as, Part C. “MAPD” plans have grown in popularity over the past decade for a multitude of reasons.

Medicare Advantage plans must offer benefits AT LEAST AS GOOD as Original Medicare, with many(most) offering more. Many Medicare Advantage plans in Florida incorporate drug coverage into their plans, creating a single payer option for enrollees. In addition, many Medicare Advantage plans will offer ancillary benefits:

Fitness Reimbursement
Credit for Health-related Products

Frequently, these Medicare Advantage plans in Florida are available with $0 monthly premium.

This is in addition to the Part B premium.

MAPD plans are available as both :

HMO (health maintenance organization)
PPO (preferred provider organization).


medicare advantage plans

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